Dani Milo
Owner of Bastet Noir and Coffice, fashion writer and marketeer.
The Wild Wild West Collection, made to order and made to measure by Bastet Noir x Pupi Milena

There’s something so alluring about the Wild West that kind of captures everyone’s attention, transcending eras and translating centuries later into a style that somehow always finds its way back. Perhaps the very thing that keeps it in the spotlight for so long is the nostalgia of times gone by…

Mary Fellowes wearing the Ali Dress in midnight blue custom made for her

Up until recently greed was enwrapping the fashion world, choking on the piles of waste it produced year after year. With fast fashion companies piling up inventory, paying bellow living wages to its workers and caring more about the bottom line, than they did for its people, the industry had…

Kira Simpson, the founder of the Green Hub wearing The Ori Dress custom-made for her

If there’s anything I’ve learnt lately is that nothing is permanent in this world. Nothing stays the same. Everything evolves, changing shape, color, even smell. The only thing that’s steady is change. It’s the only constant we can count on and yet whenever change happens in life, we always find…

Dani Milo

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